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And thus goes everyone into the world but I, for I am sunburnt.

I've been woefully scarce. I know it.  I'm sorry.

Two weeks ago, Boy's grandpa turned 75.  Grandpa Lawrence and Grandma Betty have seven kids.

Boy’s dad has six kids and a wife. Two of the kids have one spouse and one daughter each. Two of the kids have significant others who came to the party.

Uncle Dave has five kids and a wife. One of the kids has a girlfriend, who came to the party.

Aunt Roseanna has one kid and a husband. None of them were able to come because SkyBus declared bankruptcy the day before they were supposed to leave.

Aunt Lisa has two kids. They all came.

Uncle Don wasn’t able to come, and this is very sad.

Aunt Heidi has two boys. They all came.

Uncle Bill has eleven kids and a wife. They all came. Among Bill’s kids, five of their kids came.

Also, Grandma’s sister and her husband attended.

So, children, how many people attended the party? 

Over that weekend, Boy's cousin, his wife, and their two kids stayed with us.  It was awesome, save for Ana getting mad sick the night before the big shebang.  *pokes Ana*  She's so cool, y'all.

The next few days were spent in recovery.  Boy and I were sunburnt.  Since moving up here from South Carolina, I LIVE for my first sunburn of the year, and thus I was happy.

Thursday I had "work" which turned into WORK because one of the preschool teachers was out sick and there were no floaters around.  So I helped out with the three-year-olds.  I know, right?  One of them is constantly drooling-snotting-whining, and even though my heart goes out to him, my brain says DO NOT TOUCH!  I catch EVERYTHING.

That afternoon I headed over to the nursing home where my BFF's  mom is, more or less, dying.  She's way too young IMO, and it kills me to see her family having to go through all this.  I stayed with my BFF through the night, and our bud Kim came, too.  Lots of tears were shed -- we thought that would be the night her mom would, well, die. 

She didn't.  She's not better--nor really--and things are only going to get more painful from here on out. 

I was back and forth between Boy's parents' house (they live closer) and the nursing home all weekend.  His parents were out of town, so it was good--I could just go there and crash as needed. 

Anyway, the first half of this week has been focused on catching up.  I've had three books over the weekend that I HAD to read, and I did, and the last one was PHENOMENAL.  More about that later, as I'm able to talk about it. 

Okay, gotta run.  You've not seen the last of me!
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