Literary Fangirl (learningtoread) wrote,
Literary Fangirl

On this side of the revision

 Finished my read-through about an hour ago.  Taking care of a few pressing matters before starting to type in my changes.  I plan to have this sent out to betas and crit partners, but I don't want to bug anyone.  If you, perchance, wish to beta this and could have a turnaround of about two weeks, holler at me.  eliza.osborn(at) or PM me with your email address.  

To those who have cheered me on through this?  

THANK YOU SO MUCH.  And to those I've put on hold through this?  YOU ARE OFF HOLD AND LOVED HUGELY.

Anyway, the thought that's come to me since finishing the draft last Wednesday is this: 

You don't write a book worth reading.  A book worth reading writes you.  

I love you guys.  

And I'm really proud of this book.  And I'm re-energized and ready to let Anna and her friends tell their story. 

That feels so good!
Tags: progress report, revision, writing

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