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Pariah exceprt

From the WIP.


Tara is my twleve-year-old sister. She has a degenerative nerve condition you've probably never heard of and you probably never want to know exists. She's been fine for the past six months. She's not able to walk--she'll probably never be able to walk, no lie--but she hasn't had any new symptoms pop up.

Doesn't mean we're not all braced for the next emergency room trip.

Doesn't mean Mom no longer carries a well-stocked overnight bag in the van.

Doesn't mean Dad doesn't hold Tara the longest of all of us before he leaves for a trip.

Doesn't mean my heart doesn't clench up and my stomach fill with lead at the slightest hint of something being less than normal at home.

But if something was up with Tara, Mom would've called me, not the library.  So I relax some as I walk home. Wonder what's up with Mom. Consider the homework I have to do over the weekend. Imagine what rumors will be going around school once we've had our weekend to read status updates and texts and whisper and stuff.

School started last Monday. That was an epic adventure. No, really. Epic. Adventure. And it's been increasingly adventurous ever since.

I'm walking down the street in the fading sunlight, ready to wind my way back to our tidy townhouse of Cheer and Goodness, when the two and the two come together.  And then I curse very loudly and make a lady walking a dog look at me, sigh, and then shake her head.

Tara's fine. I'm pretty sure of it now.

Mom found out what I did.

I stop walking. Hop a little and make whining noises and turn a circle one way and then another and generally act less like a fifteen year old and more like a five year old than I should.

Mom found out.

And I'd already forgotten.

I pull out my phone, 'cause I'm not allowed to wear accessories like jewelry or watches anymore, and check the time. 8:49.

It all went down about five hours ago.

And I'd already forgotten.

My memory refreshed, I can't contain a grin.

Epic. Adventure.

She is gonna be so mad.

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