January 23rd, 2011

we live in brooklyn

Grapemo, Vincent, and the Doctor

My completed ms is currently out of my hands, and I've taken the week off to not do much of anything writing-wise.

That means now, five days later, I'm antsy and cabin fevered and walking around like I NEED TO BE WORKING ON SOMETHING. So when Jeannine Garsee put up a call for Grapemo participants, I was like UM YES PLS.

Feb 1-28th, I'll be working to meet these goals:

  • Query letter for current ms
  • Reread my NaNo novel
  • Start revision notes for NaNo novel
  • Blog 1x a week.

It's no Big Writing Thing, no word count--but it's stuff that needs to happen. The pre-writing.

As for Vincent and the Doctor?

I'm sticking it up there as one of the best episodes of TV evar. Other high-ranking eps of TV for me:

Finale of LIFE

FIREFLY, "Out of Gas"



The thing about AMAZING finales is that on their own, they don't mean much. But I think you can tell if a story's been told well when, in the last two minutes of a show's life, you're holding your breath and wondering, "How can this ever be okay?"

Because by then you know the show's been canceled, or it's over.

And you know you're not going to be satisfied, you just KNOW it.

And then the writers pull out the magic. And you get the show for the first time.

And you know you're gonna watch the whole show over and over.

And I have. I'm adding LIFE to my Netflix queue again, dudes.