February 13th, 2011

we live in brooklyn

Indentified by Books

I realized today that people know me for books.

I have people, everywhere I go regularly, who as soon as they see me, they start talking books. Not just MY book, but books in general. Whenever I meet up with my best buds for coffee or lunch, books are exchanged. Today it was Annie Proulx. Yep. At church, I got to talk about Annie Proulx.

And that is really cool.

It's way better than being known for like, gossip.

That said, I spent the morning reading.


we live in brooklyn

Books through Bars at Freebird Books

Sunday, February 20, 4:00pm - 8:00pm

Freebird sponsors a special dictionary book drive for Books Through Bars.

For the cover charge of one used paperback dictionary join us for beer, refreshments, and some good natured Scrabble competitions. Not to mention prizes!

Prisoners send thousands of requests to Books Through Bars each year, and number one on their list is the humble pocket dictionary. Books Through Bars NYC can barely keep up with those requests and is in constant need of more copies to fill their shelves. To hammer that point home we sponsor a unique single subject book drive to highlight why literacy is so important to the incarcerated.

Two Scrabble games will be going concurrently for anyone comfortable enough to exercise their verbal acuity without those reference guides safely at hand. We will have refreshments and Books Through Bars volunteers will be on hand to answer questions and show off the library and workspace in our basement.


* Beginners board & expert board

* Beverages & snacks on hand


Freebird Books
123 Columbia Street (between Kane and Degraw streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Hours: Sat-Sun 11 am-10 pm (but call ahead); the rest of the week by chance and for events